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I regret by KelseyBeckett I regret by KelseyBeckett
Let me start by saying I am VERY hesitant to post these pictures.
This collection took me months to complete; they're pretty much my babies, and I want to share them with you.
As for how long they'll be up, I'm not sure. I'm very nervous!

PLEASE do not copy/ steal my work. ;__; <33

All are done with Prismacolor colored pencils.

Lemme hear what you think they mean <33

((Personal fave <3))
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RedCapMan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011   General Artist
awesome work
Rocahh Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
Favorite. This one speaks of abortion more than the previous which leads me to believe my last inference was false. God I love this. You captured the emotion perfectly.
Kayla-Noel Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010   General Artist
You captured so much emotion very well, and I love your style of fading out the colors and lines its a great effect :)
WetMoonFanGirl Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2010  Student
You are a true artist! your pieces are so creative and beautiful! Im not sure what they mean just yet, i might need more time to think about them, but i do know that they are amazing.
Me-TheWriter Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009
Is this about the girl having an abortion using a hanger?
KelseyBeckett Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Me-TheWriter Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009
Its absolutely beautiful
PenDiablo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
makes me think of a lost baby or a lost lover or both...

Beautiful drawing though.. I suck at colouring :p I always overwork =p
ameba-x Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008
oh, i know i've seen this before!
yes, it won in the scholastic art awards, right?
i love checking out the winning entries :)

i love this picture. everything about it, really
TwoBlueMoons Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008
I just want to start by saying you have no reason to be nervous. i've looked at everything in your gallery, and you totally astound me. your art is gorgeous, and unique. i love it so much, i feel fully inspired after looking through it. but, in the end, i decided this one was my favorite drawing in the entire gallery. i'm a sucker for prisma color traditional art in the first place, but your skill just blows my mind. :heart:
no joke.

as for my interpretation on the piece, like many have said, it appears to be about abortion because of the bloody coat hanger, and stomache. the one to the left seems to represent the guilt, just because of how she seems more like a ' past' image. i just think that because her dress looks more worn and tattered than the other, and she has cuts on her wrist, and the crying and such. i love how subtle you made the cuts, by the way. there was something abour the red surrounding her that just gives her mood away even more, it's really pretty.
then, the girl on the right looks like she is the one carrying the burden, like the girl to the left is her memory of her past self, and leaning on her back to resemble a heavy burden of what she did. since blue to me seems sorrowful, i can't help but place those thoughts on her.
even if i'm wrong, i still think this is gorgeous!
keep up your amazing work. :heart:
M0man Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2008
I see what looks like a bloody coat hanger, So I don't want to play this game *Hide*, I do want to say how ever that I think your work is amazing
Wormsinwombs Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2008
Is it about abortion? >.> It may be crude but when I see bloody hangers I think of abortion plus the regret and guilt.
CassandraJames Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
A simply stunning drawing!
Lynnea Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
well the girl on the left her stomach is bleeding so maybe shes just gotten rid of her unborn child and no shes feels the guilt of killing him/her?
JoseDom Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
you have a great style! you're a true inspiration :dance:
JoseDom Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
by the way they look like killer sisters, I don't know what they mean...
VanessaWeuffel Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2008   Traditional Artist
Hey, I've featured this in my first CSS-Journal^^ :hug: [link]
It's amazingly wonderful.
ClaireCollyer Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008
:wow: this is stunning!!!
ZzFlyguy32 Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
ow! i like dis one! hav its own meanin.
ally8118 Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
Uterly beautiful.
The expressions on there faces, i simply adore them.
And the lovely color and blending.

My favorite concept however is the fact that you left some uncolored. Intetional or not this piece has captured me heart. Truly a masterpiece.
sarahchalmers Featured By Owner May 9, 2008
This is amazing thought provoking I really like it :wow:
pichu4850 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2008
I like the association with the whole abortion thing... And the two personalities side by side. I like how on the second girl, her hair and arms sort of fade off.
guava Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
this is such a stunning series... was it done for a school project, or a gallery exhibition? if it was done for anything school related i hope you got A+++ marks for it :)
stetson2424 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2008
I never understood how a hanger could be used for abortion... hmmm...

Very lovely piece~
Yrstruley Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008
Do you do these from memory or photo reference?
KelseyBeckett Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
I use photo reference for anatomical purposes and shading, but the colors and setting are mostly conceptual.
Yrstruley Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2008
o amazing still
Photosnap Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
absolutely gorgeous!

I´m amazed by the coloring! :wow:
Bloodstained-Snow Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008  Student Photographer
All your art is really amazing. You have no reason to be nervous to show it :)
moonlightrainingdown Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008  Student
Straynj3 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008
I love how the colours fade out into the paper
dannedamm Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008
Awsome! I'd really like to have this one as a canvas print!
sub18lime Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
Lovely work with these pieces!

Though, I must say, they are much more breath taking in person. The skin looks so smooth, the colors are striking, the detail leaps out at you and forces you too look harder for clues that get glanced over the first few seconds. And then, of course, you find yourself roaming CCS looking for the whole collection.
Marl0wM0nday Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008  Student General Artist
It looks amazing :) :heart:
COURTJ3ST3R Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
abortion..... thats not a subject thats touched upon often. Good on ya champ. Takes courage to tackle such a sensitive subject. :salute: i salute you.

and.... on a less serious note....
OMG PRISmACOLORS?!?!?! thats incredbile.....i totally thought it was paint..... or photoshop....
PRISMACOLORS?!?!?!? :faint:
silversmithfire Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2008
Wooow, this is awesome... I just have to stare for a bit.
sohalia Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it's sort of saying how people have things they're carrying around we don't necessarily know about. There's the person we present to other people and the other person lurking in the shadows that only comes out when we're alone with our thoughts and forced to face up to our memories. But you have to wonder which is the real her?

That's my interpretation. Beautiful work, thank you for sharing them. <3 Maybe you
SirenJagonshi Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008
This collection is truely amazing, You have no idea. All of them are so moving and deep, especially this one. I saw it, and my jaw just dropped. The saying, the detail everything is just wonderful, and it goes so well together. this is just Amazing.:heart:
LetErRip Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008   Traditional Artist
I'm amazed by the way you control the colour-pencils!
It's beautiful..:heart:
wyndsilver Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2008
The feeling in this one is very strong... By using the coathanger/blood, you didn't make the message too obvious, and yet it's powerful. I love the duality of the piece and the thought you put into her poses. The ripped wallpaper in the bg is interesting as well... Amazing work :)
Jontamar Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2008  Professional General Artist
Does this have something to do with feelings around abortion?

Very powerful feelings in all of these new pieces! And very beautyful colourings. All skin-shadings and such looks completely amazing!
You could as well just say that this art "has it all" - originality, looks, technique skills and emotions!
fongmingyun Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008
Fucking gorgeous handling of traditional media. The style is superb through the whole collection. I love the colors. Just... wow. I mean, I am blown away.
ictkalei Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008   Photographer
this is gorgeous :) love the skin tones.
Kinbarri Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Aquanaba Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008
I'm so jealous of your skin tones. ^0^ Absolutely amazing!
dadarulz Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is a beautiful series, but I must ask
what's with the bloody belly? It must have a strong meaning to you considering how often you use that symbolism
radio-flare Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008
This is my favorite piece in this series too. You're just fantastic at drawing skin, you can really see all the different tones and colors it has. I admire your work. :heart:
manfredkooistra Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008
The funny thing about regret is, that it's better to regret something you have done, than something you haven't done.

I have killed my baby -> misery

I have not used contraceptives while having sex with someone I don't love -> wiser behaviour in the future
uglytoes Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist

ooo abortion :/ yikes,
bloody closehanger :X

beautifully done
VanessaWeuffel Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008   Traditional Artist
Oh God, this is fantastic! You really have no reason to be unsure, it is just amazing :faint:
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